Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blue Nile at The Usher Hall

My friend Brian called me to say that for the second time this year, he had a free ticket for me to see the Blue Nile in Concert. This time they were playing at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

However, Brian was unable to make it up from Sheffield this time so there was a spare ticket for Susan, AND we also had backstage passes for the aftershow gig.

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The show was pretty much the same set that they had performed in Glasgow a few months ago, only maybe a bit tighter this time.

They played one fantastic song after another and the highlight of course was "Tinseltown In the Rain".

After the show, we were guided down to the area where the aftershow party was held and walked into a room of diehard Blue Nile fans who obviously knew each other very well. We tried to make ourselves inconspicous, but I couldn't resist helping myself to the complimentary wine and beer. So much for keeping a low profile!

Then out came the man himself, Paul Buchanan. Musical genius!

I was totally tongue-tied and could only blurt out, "the show was great". Fanny!

Anyway, the Big Man was good enough to pose for a picture.

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Feeling like a bit of a fraud and with the drive to the West coast, we made a discreet exit. We drove home with The Blue Nile playing away on the CD player.

Wonder how many times I will get to see them next year!