Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Come Early...

This is one of my stranger and personal, blog entries.

Santa delivered an early Christmas present to me in the post this week. After being married for nearly 10 years, I finally got divorced from my former wife Evelyn.

I am sure that some of you reading this will probably have forgotton that I was still married and maybe some of you did not even know at all!

I was with Evelyn for a few years, but only with her as a married couple for a record breaking 8 months! However, let's not troll through the story again as it's old news.

The one thing about the whole experience is that it most certainly started me on a downward spiral of bad choices and mistakes in my personal life and made me the person that I am today. The most positive things to come out of the ten year aftermath are having Ryan and Susan in my life.

A special mention has to go to Jim Arthur (who supplied the picture below) and Brian Ward who were there for me and with me through some tough, tough times and I thank them for that.

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As for Evelyn? I wish her luck in her personal life. She has just become a Mum for a third time and I am sure that she will excell at Motherhood. It's in her nature.

As for me? I am glad that it is all finally over and I can draw a line in the sand.

So here it is. Only took ten years, thousands of pounds and a bit of heartache...

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Normal service will be resumed in the next blog entry, when I will return to talking pish and telling "funny" stories.

See you then!