Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fringe Fantastc

I was delighted to recieve an email tonight from my friend and author Colin Galbraith informing me that I have won a competition to win a signed copy of his latest book, "Fringe Fantastic". The book is a selection of poems of his experience of the 2005 Edinburgh Festival. If it is as good as his previous publication "Brick by Brick" then I will be delighted. My particular favourite poem being, "8.41".

I urge you to visit his blog. You can do it through the link on my blog or alternatively, just click below and you can download "Brick by Brick" for free!

Colin presently lives in Leith with his wife and daughter and I had the honour and pleasure of being an usher at his wedding in 2003, where I preformed my duties with distinction by forgetting to mention to Gail's family not to sit in the front row of the church and then having to ask them to change their seats when I finally noticed! D'oh!

I used to work with Coiln in Safeway years ago when he was studying at University. Colin refers to me as being his boss, but I think it's fare to say you would have to use the term "boss" in it's broadest possible terms as he kind of more or less didn't listen to a thing you told him!

I have fond memories of Saturday afternoons stocking the fridges in the store with old firm debates between Colin, Eddie and Eammon raging. I was just mocked as I supported St. Mirren!

I have too many good stories to share without you about nights out with Colin. Among them were many trips to see Madness in concert including one of the best weekends of my life when I went to see them play in London with Colin and Craig. I laughed from start to finish.

Another "incident" was when I was up at Colin's flat in Shawlands having a few drinks before we left to go to the "Village". I was drinking shots from Colin's Darth Vader shot glass and was flicking through photographs of a night out that the big man had been on a couple of weeks earlier. Imagine my horror when I came across a photo with the aforementioned shot glass on the end of Mr. Galbraith's knob! Yuch!

A funny, inteligent, stand-up guy. I wish him every success with his new project.