Monday, April 07, 2008

I spent an overdue day with Ryan on Sunday.

He wanted to go karting again and so off we went to Clydebank on the train around 1.00 arriving with a little time to spare before we hit the track.

The good thing about going there at the weekend is that you are garaunteed to have more people to race against and that was the case as nine of us clambered into the karts for our two sessions of twenty laps around the track.

As is always the case, Ryan left me for dust leaving me to battle against the drivers of my calibre. I might be coming along nicely with my two driving lessons a week on the roads, however, I think it would take considerably more karting sessions before I would be able to beat my boy! Never mind.

As we left the karting, I realised what a nice day it was. Cold, but the sun was trying it's best to heat us up and so I suggested to Ryan that we head down to Balloch to get some fresh air in our lungs.

Half an hour later we were strolling through Balloch Park. It gave the two of us a really good chance to chat and put the world to rights.

Ryan is growing up so fast and often says things that make me realise that in many ways he is wise beyond his years. Sunday was no exception when he said something to me in particular that had me in tears. Albiet, not that hard to do these days...

I am so incredibly lucky to still have him in my life after splitting up with Fiona and I truly, truly count my blessings. It scares me how much I love him. To see him grow, evolve and have such a zest for life makes me incredibly proud that I have played a big part in his life.

Now as he is slowly but surely becoming an adult our relationship is changing. We talk with each other on a different level and I love it.

I have the easier job to be honest, with Fiona having the short end of the stick and putting up with all the teenage stuff. I hope that she realises that it is a challenge that she won't be facing alone even though I am not there.

Anyway, so eventually we found ourselves at the four monkey puzzle trees in the park and so we got a nice lady who was out walking her dog to take a picture in front of one of the baby ones before slowly walking back to the Balloch House Hotel.

I tried to convince him that the Tullie Inn would be a better option for food but he was not having it. So after some slow service from a terrible waitress who thought that smiling was illegal and slamming your meals and drinks on the table was part of the job (no tip for you, love), we tucked into our meals of Sea Bass for me and gammon steak for Ryan. Followed by a nice dessert of chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. Fortunately I have lost some weight recently!

We were going to go for another walk after dinner if we had time, however the train to Glasgow was just arriving so we decided to head for home.

Some good banter with each other on the train and a sing-a-long to some music topped off a perfect day.

Ryan, I know that you read this from time and even though I tell you often and I told you several times on Sunday, I just want to say it again, I love you much, much more than you will ever know and it means the world to me when you say it to me too.