Monday, August 27, 2007


The day that I have been dreading for a long time finally arrived.

Thomas and Kath were emigrating to Australia with a three month tour of South America on the way.

I am truly delighted that my friends have finally achieved their goal of living and working in Oz, however with them gone it is going to leave an enormous hole in my personal life and the lives of everyone in the group.

However, there was still time for one last night of fun and the unlikely venue for this was One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow where they were staying overnight before heading off the next morning.

Susan and I headed up about 8.00 and were just about last to arrive as usual.

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A heavily pregnant and excitable Ann waved from the window as we arrived and after saying our hello's, champagne was ordered from the bar and we raised a toast to our friends.

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The patter soon flowed as did the drink and when we ordered pints of Kronenburg and the barman presented them to us in metal tankards, Thomas asked where his Bendy Bully was to a very unimpressed barman. I was pissing myself laughing as Susan just shook her head in a "why me?", kind of way.

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As a going away present and as part of Freebay, Thomas presented me with his camping knife/saw. A retractable 8 inch blade with razor sharp teeth.

I was so chuffed that I forgot where I was for a minute and the look of horror on Susan's face told me that perhaps one of Glasgow's poshest establishments wasn't the right place to be waving a big knife about!

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We spent the night recounting old tales of fun and shennanigans and as it got late Susan suggested that maybe she would head off and leave me to kick the arse out of it with the guys, but I decided against it as I the night had been fab and that's how I wanted to remember it.

I hugged and kissed my friends and lost it a wee bit as we left, if I'm honest. I blubbed like a little girl on the way back to Dumbarton with Susan giving me her shoulder to cry on, as usual.

And that's it. They're gone and I'm happy and sad at the same time. I read they're travel blog every day and I can only imagine how good it is.

Thomas and Kath, I love and miss you both very much.

Your friend,