Monday, August 22, 2005

A new member in the group!

By good fortune the members of the group who have moved to pastures new were back for the weekend. Del & Estelle were over for Tristian's wedding and James & Susan were home to sign papers for the sale of their flat. Never ones to miss an opportunity, a BBQ was organised at Jim & Wendy's place and we were all invited over.

Fiona, Ryan & I were first to arrive and due to a mis-communication we turned up an hour earlier than we should which is indeed a first for me! Fiona and Ryan helped Wendy with some housework and in the kitchen and I grabbed a beer, turned on Sky One and watched an episode of Star Trek: TNG. Too many cooks, and all that....

Jim arrived back from his walk with Dana (the dog) and we moved outside to have a seat, just as the rain startred to gently fall. In order to keep dry, Fiona, Jim and I erected the gazebo over the seated area and to be honest the Three Stooges could have done a better job!

Shortly afterwards, Del, Estelle, Thomas & Kath arrived and they too cowered under the shelter from the now, fairly heavy downpour. By the time Ann & Robert appeared and the gazebo was starting to blow away in the wind, it was decided that a tactical retreat into the living room was in order.

The last of the guests, James, Susan and Jim Muir arrived soon after and we chatted and caught up with the gossip of which there was loads as we hadn't been all together since Derek & Estelle's wedding in May (see archives for May).

Jim Arthur was on chef's duty and so was busy cooking all the BBQ food under the grill in the kitchen.

Soon after and a tasty assortment of food was presented to us, which we quickly polished off! As we sat and rubbed our now bulging bellies, we chatted some more unaware of the curve ball that Del and Estelle were about to throw at us!

I went through to the kitchen to grab a beer and as I returned Del was pulling a snow-globe out of a bag and presenting it as a present to someone. I am not even sure who it was to be honest as I was trying to find a seat as everytime someone stood up, whoever was sitting on the floor swooped into the vaccant chair.

However, my ears did perk up when Del, whose voice notacibly raised in pitch proclaimed that he had one more surprise and produced this very picture for the group to have a look at (apologies for the rather poor quality of the copy).

You could actually hear the penny drop as we suddenly realised the significance of this little picture.

Del wasn't firing blanks! I think we were all surprised by this.

Only kidding Del!

We all hugged, kissed and congratulated the happy couple who were having a busy year and no mistake!

Ann, who had also just returned from the kitchen on a beer quest, was confused and was asking what she had missed. I handed her the scan photo and suddenly she realised that she was going to be an Auntie again!

In the next 10 minutes the photo was passed round again and our expert eyes and we tried to guess the sex of Junior. With most of us, including myself, deciding that it was a girl. Robert, came up with an interesting theory that since the chin was not produting it was definently a girl. However, Robert I think this only proves that the father is not Jimmy Hill!

After things had settled down Del and Estelle put on their honeymoon DVD. Their trip was to New Zeland and Fuji and looked spectacular. One of the highlights was them skydiving from 15,000 feet.

It was during this showing that Del revealed that it was on this night that little Junior Stevenson was concieved.

Too much information, Del!

There is one thing that's for sure. If I was going to share my demon seed with Fiona I can think of easier ways to get me in the mood than jumping out of a plane. A half bottle of Vodka usually does the trick with Fiona!

The night flowed on and so did the beer. Unfortunately, Jim Muir had to leave quite early, but it was nice to see him again.

As we all relaxed a bit more, the night mellowed and as I lay on the floor cuddling Dana (remember, she is the dog!) Kath discovered the joys of rubbing her feet against my baldy head.

I am pleased to have discovered yet another advantage to being follicly challenged! All you hairy people, eat your heart out.

It is around this time that my recollection of events becomes a little hazy as beer works as an amnesiac for me. All I can clearly recall is that Fiona, Ryan and I were the last ones to leave and it was a great night.

So, I will leave you with a few images from the rest of the night and once again offer my congratulations to Derek and Estelle.

Good luck to the three of you!!!

The gang

The Three Amigos


Kath - "Thomas, can I rub my feet on your head?"..... Thomas - "Na, but I bet Dirty Bob will let you!"

The Portrush Pig feels the pace, yet again!