Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Camping at Loch Lomond, Easter 2005

While all the sensible people stayed at home and ate as many Easter Eggs as they could, myself, Fiona, Ryan, Jim, James, Susan, Liam, Thomas & Kath all went camping to Rowerdennan, Loch Lomond.
The day started badly as we had planned to camp elsewhere, however, after Liam had dropped off Thomas and I, and most of the camping equipment (and ruined his suspension) at an excellent camping spot that we had found the previous year in the middle of a dense wood, Thomas and I were horrified to discover that the whole forest had been laid waste.
They had left a scattering of trees at the edge of what had been the forest, obviously to lull unsuspecting campers into a false sense of hope, but apart from that they had cut down the entire forest as far as the eye could see. We were gutted!
After a swift phone call to Liam to take everyone else to Rowerdennan Thomas and I had no choice but to sit and wait. Thomas did his bit for international relations by asking a couple of German tourists if they had seen his forest as he had left it just over there! How they laughed.
A couple of hours later we were all at the campsite, tents erected and beers opened. The weather was actually not too bad, fairly mild. Still, a campfire would be needed and to avoid all the Testosterone flying about from the guys over who could start the fire, I headed to the holiday home on the hill to "borrow" some logs from their supply. Half a dozen trips later and a nice big fire was going. Just as well as it was dark before 7.00.
Jim arrived with Fiona and Ryan at 8.00 and the fun really began with copious amounts of alcohol and the usual banter that we have. The fun went on until 2 am and people started to disappear into their tents. Snoring was heard and I was treated to the hilarious sound of James Snelling telling Susan (who had not been camping before) that she must not touch the side of the tent and then refusing to tell her why despite her asking several times. I think it was a case of "if I tell you, I would need to kill you".

Morning arrived all too quickly and we emerged from our tents, feeling a little delicate. The planned trip to walk up Ben lomond was quickly shelved and Jim made some lovely Scottish cuisine of Links and Lorne sausages on the disposable barbecue.

Click here for a video clip of the beauty of Loch Lomond with us spoiling the scenery.

We packed up our gear as curious hillwalkers walking along the West Highland Way wondered who would be stupid enough to go camping in Scotland, in March.
We walked back to the cars laden down with tents and rucksacks and said our goodbyes. Everyone just wanted to get home, now.

Click here for a video clip of us heading home and James Snelling travelling light!

As we drove away Ben Lomond became wrapped in clouds and the heavens opened with cold, Scottish rain and deciding not to walk up the hill seemed like a very good idea!

Camping trip to Loch Lomond at Easter - Liam, James, Susan, Thomas and Kath. Posted by Hello

Fiona feeling the cold. Posted by Hello

Ryan keeping the fire going. Posted by Hello

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